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Multiple Day Deals

Book multi-day excursions. We have a wide variety of options for the ultimate USVI experience. You will be submerged in the whole Caribbean atmosphere with a guided land tour to waters filled with sea life, a hike to a lookout with unforgettable views, drives through forest lined roads and white sandy secluded beaches. The next day you can opt to spend time on a boat and explore places you can't get to by car or other islands. 


Common Bundle Activities:

Private Charter


6 Hour Private Charter 

 (Normal Price $1450)

4 Hour Private Charter 

 (Normal Price $990)

Group Charter


8 Hour Group Charter Lime Out and snorkeling (Normal Price $150/adult)

6 Hour Group Charter 

 (Normal Price $125)

Land Tour 


6 Hour Private Tour

 (Normal Price $575)

4 Hour Private Tour 

 (Normal Price $375)

Round Town Picnic Boat


90 Minute Harbor Excursion

 (Normal Price $175)

2 Hour Hassel Island Trip 

 (Normal Price $250)

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Adventure Awaits 48' Motor Yacht
Land Tour Options
Round Town Picnic Boat Options
Additional Options

What are the boat excursions like?

Adventure Awaits Yacht

Adventure Awaits is a 48' Motor Yacht. You can choose to do a morning sunrise tour or a sunset tour. We can head out to an island only accessible by boat where you can jump off and explore the beautiful sea life or maybe even a sunken boat. There are bathrooms on board and a great mix of sun and shade. There are also large lounge rafts, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment available for use.