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Adventure Spotlight: Christmas Cove

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Welcome back friends to the Adventure Awaits Travel Blog! Today we will explore one of our favorite spots on our customizable charter options: Christmas Cove. Join us as we delve deeper into this family favorite location to learn why it is one of the best places to go snorkeling in the United States Virgin Islands!

A family enjoying Christmas Cove aboard Adventure Awaits

Imagine yourself relaxing on a yacht, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Virgin Islands. The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea glisten while you watch turtles and fish swim in the reef. Now imagine yourself diving into those inviting waters and saying hello your aquatic friends as you snorkel around at your leisure.

Congratulations, you have imagined the snorkeling paradise of Christmas Cove. It's a favorite spot to visit on our fully customizable charters at Adventure Awaits. Christmas Cove is a must see for the USVI traveler!

A Bit of History

Nestled between St John and Great St James island, Christmas Cove has long been a fan favorite. A short trip away by boat, this protected cove is surrounded by natural coral reefs. The reefs found at Christmas Cove give the island of Great St James natural protection from wind and surf.

Some unlucky ships can be spotted surrounding the Virgin Islands sunken within the sea depths. The clear waters of the Caribbean allow many visitors a chance to see history as they travel by. Fortunately, many more seafaring explorers have found protection at Christmas Cove throughout history. One of the most famous examples of this was Christopher Columbus.

It is believed that during the second voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1493, a storm threatened the expedition. Columbus and his ships made for the protection of the cove and waited out the storm in safety.

Legend has it that Christopher Columbus saw clear skies the next morning after the powerful storm had passed. That morning was Christmas Day. The area has been known as Christmas Cove ever since.

Snorkeling Paradise

So what exactly makes this one of the best places to go snorkeling in Virgin Islands? We're glad you asked. Here is an easy breakdown:

Turtles are often spotted at Christmas Cove

  • Crystal clear Caribbean waters

  • Protection from strong wind

  • Protection from damaging surf

  • Natural coral = abundant sea life

  • Peaceful atmosphere without crowds

  • Turtles!

Starfish can be found at Christmas Cove

Few places manage to combine these elements so seamlessly. Christmas Cove is only accessible by boat, and there are no ferries or planes that can take visitors to Great St James Island. This is one of the reasons why an Adventure Awaits Charter is a great option to travel to this ideal snorkeling location!

Plenty of Options

Don't feel like snorkeling? Perhaps you would like to switch it up? Adventure Awaits has you covered!

There are many different ways you can enjoy Christmas Cove aboard the yacht. In between making friends with turtles, feel free to try something new! Here are a few of our guests favorite activities:

All of these activities are available to any of our fully customizable charter options. We have a wide variety of trips that can accommodate a stop at Christmas Cove including:

However you would like to enjoy Christmas Cove, just know you have plenty of options during your charter with us.

Pizza Anyone?

After all that snorkeling and swimming you will definitely have worked up an appetite. What better way to satiate that hunger than with hot fresh pizza delivered to the boat!

Pizza Pi is famous in Christmas Cove for delivering delicious pizza via boat delivery. We will take your order prior to our charter departure. When it's ready, Pizza Pi will deliver it hot and fresh to the Adventure Awaits yacht.

Enjoy your pizza with a view of the surrounding reef. When you are ready, dive back in from a jump off the top deck and do it all over again!

Final Thoughts

One look at the waters surrounding Christmas Cove and you can see why it is a favorite spot in the US Virgin Islands. Our fully customizable charters often include this location for you to enjoy.

Snorkeling, Rafting, Stand up Paddle-boards, or just enjoying pizza with a view are all great reasons to include Christmas Cove in your next booking.

Adventure Awaits Charters is proud to include Christmas Cove as an Adventure Spotlight. If you are looking to include this amazing location in your next St Thomas excursion then you can contact us Here for options that best suit your needs. We look forward to our next Adventure with you!

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