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Boat Life Season Pass

Want to get out on the boat more but don't want to spend the full price each time? Here is your chance to go out for a day on the water at a heavily discounted rate. Use your pass for day trips or sunset trips!

Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time our pre-season passes are on sale for $500. 

How many trips can I do?

You can sign up for multiple trips per week  as long as availability permits.  

What trips are available?

The season pass is valid for the 4 hour Sunset Swim charters or the 6 hour Group charters. These include stops at Pizza Pi or Lime Out (while open) and snorkeling/lounging trips.

We make sure to have several trips offered weekly and we limit the number of passes given but this does not guarantee you a trip every week. Weather may also play a factor in the availability of trips. 

How do I book a charter?

The first of every month starting in June the calendar for season pass holders will become available for that month. At this point you can book using your Season Pass membership ID given to you in your confirmation letter. You will get 80% off of your trip. Remember gratuity is not included so please tip your captain and crew accordingly. 

Refund Policy

The season pass in non-refundable and non-transferrable. Scheduled charters can be refunded following our normal cancelation policy which is a full refund as long as it is cancelled 24 hours prior to your scheduled charter. 

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