About Us

"Always say yes to Adventure" - Unknown

Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. We are humbled to be a part of this great industry here in the Virgin Islands! We strive to offer experiences of exceptional quality. We listen to what you want to do and what you are looking for in excursions. This helps our company consistently evolve and change to fit your adventure style. We are advocates of thinking differently from our competitors and challenge ourselves to change the status quo. 


Our Story

Adventure Awaits was originally founded in 2014 as a tour company in Hawaii where we specialized in camping, backpacking, and water sport activities. Being avid outdoor enthusiasts we made sure to teach and re-teach the "leave no trace" concept. At the time Co-owner Michelle was Active Duty Navy and Co-owner Heather was Active Duty Coast Guard. In 2019 Heather was transferred to St.

Thomas as a member of the USCG where she is set to retire from. Which in turn, came the decision to relocate the company. 

Michelle and Heather faced many challenges in re-locating the company.  One thing was very apparent though. Our excursions would emphasize that we are welcoming on all levels. Being an LGBTQ owned and a WOMEN owned company brought out the "ugly" in certain competitors.  This realization created the standard of care, compassion, communication, and quality you all have seen from the Adventure Awaits team.

Besides being a LGBTQ, WOMEN owned, VETERAN owned business.... we work hard to listen to what you want. We found that simple things like including the fuel price in charters and having options on additional costs were what was important to you as our guests. Why wouldn't it be? Everyone wants to know what to expect when it comes to price. We also found that guests were concerned about travel plans falling through due to current traveling restrictions and protocols. So, we adjusted our refund policy to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled trip.  We strive to set the standard as a great company for families. Since Heather and Michelle are moms of toddlers they sympathized with other parents, making sure to have awesome kid friendly equipment available for the excursions.  Finally, the most important of all is our expectations in our own team. Training is conducted regularly to make sure we have the best safety standard in the Virgin Islands.

We thank you whole heartedly for your interest and support in Adventure Awaits. We appreciate you all and look forward to having you out on our customized adventures.  

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