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About Us

"Always say yes to Adventure" - Unknown

Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. We are humbled to be a part of this great industry here in the Virgin Islands! We strive to offer experiences of exceptional quality. We listen to what you want to do and what you are looking for in excursions. This helps our company consistently evolve and change to fit your adventure style. We are advocates of thinking differently from our competitors and challenge ourselves to change the status quo. 


Our Story

Adventure Awaits was originally founded in 2014 as a tour company in Hawaii where we specialized in camping, backpacking, and water sport activities. Being avid outdoor enthusiasts we made sure to teach and re-teach the "leave no trace" concept. At the time Co-owner Michelle was Active Duty Navy and Co-owner Heather was Active Duty Coast Guard. In 2019 Heather was transferred to St.

Thomas as a member of the USCG where she is set to retire from. Which in turn, came the decision to relocate the company. 

Michelle and Heather faced many challenges in re-locating the company.  One thing was very apparent though. Our excursions would emphasize that we are welcoming on all levels. Being an LGBTQ owned and a WOMEN owned company brought out the "ugly" in certain competitors.  This realization created the standard of care, compassion, communication, and quality you all have seen from the Adventure Awaits team.

Besides being a LGBTQ, WOMEN owned, VETERAN owned business.... we work hard to listen to what you want. We found that simple things like including the fuel price in charters and having options on additional costs were what was important to you as our guests. Why wouldn't it be? Everyone wants to know what to expect when it comes to price. We also found that guests were concerned about travel plans falling through due to current traveling restrictions and protocols. So, we adjusted our refund policy to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled trip.  We strive to set the standard as a great company for families. Since Heather and Michelle are moms of toddlers they sympathized with other parents, making sure to have awesome kid friendly equipment available for the excursions.  Finally, the most important of all is our expectations in our own team. Training is conducted regularly to make sure we have the best safety standard in the Virgin Islands.

We thank you whole heartedly for your interest and support in Adventure Awaits. We appreciate you all and look forward to having you out on our customized adventures.  


Captain Prince

We are lucky to have Captain Prince as our lead captain on Adventure Awaits.

He was born in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Where he developed a love for the boating industry. Working as a Crew member, he advanced through the ranks quickly to become a Captain. He furthered his career by attending the United Kingdom Sailing Academy where he obtained his sailing credentials. 

In 2017, Captain Prince relocated to St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Having 18 years of experience in BVI and USVI waters, he knows all the great spots to take guests as he narrates his vast knowledge of the local landscape and history.

A little known fact about him is that as a kid he was shy. He says that being in this industry has helped him overcome this obstacle. He truly enjoys chatting with the guests and developing connections with them. 

Captain Prince hopes to see Adventure Awaits continue to grow not only with day sails but excursions and term charters. 


Captain Haddiyyah

If you are looking for constant laughter and someone to put a smile on your face, then Captain Haddiyyah is your girl. Her friends are quick to point her out as the comedian of the group. She says, “if I can make someone else smile, that makes me smile.” She is also a person that likes to uplift and empower others. She loves this industry because she gets to share her favorite thing with the guests, which is a day on the water. She says, “there are so many unique things to explore, to be able to share those experiences with others is great!”

Captain Haddiyyah is a wonderful leader but is always willing to learn more. She is a true team player and has no problem going the extra mile. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania she has lived in multiple places where she learned flexibility and in turn it made her extremely well-rounded and able to adapt to any environment. Eventually, Captain Haddiyyah found her way to St Thomas, USVI. Though her degrees are in communication, international relations, and sociology, her love for the ocean and the yachting industry grew quickly. Through hard work and dedication, she earned her 100-ton USCG Master’s License and STCW. In 2022, she became a graduate of the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association marine apprenticeship-intensive captain’s training program. One of her goals is to become the best captain that she can be and obtain the versatility to operate any vessel.

When asked what Captain Haddiyyah likes about our company, she stated “…the integrity, and the efficiency of how they operate their business. The owners are military, so it is to be expected, but I love to see it.” She fits right into her own reflection of the company; she is the perfect example of integrity and efficiency, and we are excited to have her as part of our team. Though you may find her on the Adventure Awaits Yacht or our new luxury catamaran you will mostly find her on the newest asset, Round Town Picnic Boats. She has proven to be instrumental in strengthening this program. With her guidance and expertise, she has her hands full building up and running five Round Town boats along with a team to maintain them.  One of her goals is to be able to extend a helping hand; providing resources to the next generation of underrepresented communities and to help goal-oriented individuals become successful (preferably in the boating industry).


Captain Heather

This sun-junkie was born and raised in Southern California but has also lived in New York City, Hawaii, and the Arabian Gulf before ending up in St Thomas. 

Her experience comes from a successful career in the United States Coast Guard where she was a boat operator for search and rescue and law enforcement. 

Now, Heather is known for the many hats she wears within the Adventure Awaits Company. She is the Lead Captain for our Round Town Picnic Boats as well as a relief Captain for Adventure Awaits. When asked what she loves about being a captain She mentioned that every trip offers a different experience and that goal is to make every sail memorable. She highlighted the trip she encouraged her dinner party guests to jump off the boat in their evening dresses. 

The most important role she plays however, is behind the scenes as the Maintenance Manager. She runs a strong and capable department conducting all aspects of maintenance to include, oil changes, part swaps, painting, sanding, fiberglass work, electrical, plumbing, and supply/parts ordering. She works hard to make sure all the boats are running their best. 


First Mate Brittany

Brittany rotates as our First Mate for Adventure Awaits and our newly added luxury catamaran. A First Mate is an important role to fill. Once she steps on board she becomes the lifeguard, deckhand, photographer, bartender, server, grill-master, janitor, and most importantly your friend. Though staying safe is her priority, she loves meeting new people and socializing with the guests.  Brittany has also become an essential player in our maintenance department. She is willing to learn any job and tackle any task. 

Brittany was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she earned her bachelor's degree in biology. After visiting St. John several times over the years, she decided to make the leap and move to the Virgin Islands by herself. She is passionate about preserving our oceans and the lives within them hoping to one day work in some aspect of marine conservation. Her ultimate career goal, however, is to become a physician assistant and practice on St. John to help improve access to healthcare. This goal is not too far away now. We are excited to announce that Brittany has been accepted into the Lincoln Memorial University - School of Medical Sciences Physician Assistant (PA) Program! She will be leaving us in April to pursue this (two year) Masters degree.  

You will find that Brittany is a kind, adventurous, happy person who enjoys making others smile. She strives to make sure guests are having a great time (even if that means jumping in the water in her charter clothes when challenged by guests). She loves the ocean and has said that she “loves being able to share that excitement with the guests."

When not working with Adventure Awaits Brittany stays active with any one of her numerous hobbies: volunteering at a dog shelter, playing volleyball, beaching, hiking, traveling, and songwriting (she plays the guitar, ukulele, and piano) to name a few.





If you are on an excursion with us, chances are you have talked to Michelle at some point. She is the friendly voice on the other end of most phone calls, e-mails, and text messages, answering all of your questions and providing guidance. She believes first impressions are everything and this starts with being available through whatever line of communication you choose. 

Michelle was born and raised in Northern California, but also lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Hawaii. She Played softball through college and eventually joined the Navy. She says these roles helped teach good leadership and teamwork which is a valuable aspect in managing a company.  

Michelle manages the Adventure Awaits company in its entirety, including the unglamorous tasks of keeping certifications, up-to-date, crafting policies, long-term planning, hiring, and marketing. 

When not behind the desk you may find her filling in as a crew member or as the driver for your tours. 

Looking for Adventure? This is the guy you want to meet. Gerald is our main Jeep tour guide but also fills in on the boat charters when needed. He has a calm personality but an extremely adventurous spirit. He grew up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where he excelled at extreme snowboarding in the winter and enjoyed perfecting his flips off cliff faces into water 80 feet below during the summer. Over the years he also lived in Lake Tahoe, California followed by Boothbay, Maine where he conquered intense hikes. He even ventured down to New Hampshire one winter and camped on Mt. Washington.  Gerald wants you to know that even though he is not one to back down from a new adrenaline-fueled experience his extreme sports are performed in a safe calculated manner.

When not out on an adventure, Gerald spent time doing construction (which has been helpful in our Maintenance projects) but also has a professional background in different forms of customer service. He enjoyed helping people overcome adversities such as behavioral problems, disabilities, physical health, or general fears…all of which held them back from the life they dream about living.

When asked why Gerald wanted to join this industry he said, “I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I am always curious about what brought them to St. Thomas, where they are from, where else they have been in the world, and what their ambitions in life are. I love when guests leave feeling like they met a friend not just a tour guide.”

Gerald has stated that Adventure Awaits feels like family. “We work well as a team to accomplish our goals. There is never a dull moment, and we play just as hard as we work.” He hopes to continue to learn the island culture as well as the behind the scenes of the business. Though his passion for building homes and bonds between people will never fade, he hopes to one day get his Captains license and sail on to his next adventure.





Meet Lucy, the Adventure Awaits Mascot. This pup is quite the traveler. She was born in Florida where she was rescued, but has lived a glamorous life in Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and St Thomas as well. 

This old girl can often be spotted on the marina dock, hanging out in the office A/C or with her head out the window of one of our tour vehicles. 

Though she has retired from her days underway on boats, she still loves to hear the stories of everyone else on adventures as you rub her belly. 

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